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Frequently Asked Questions

For Weddings:

Do you need to be miked?

For indoor weddings and outdoor weddings with less than 200 guests, we do not need to be miked. If the location is outdoors and has a lot of noise pollution or there are more than 200 guests attending, it will be best to mic us so that your guests will be able to hear us.

Do you need chairs?

Yes, please. We almost always perform standing up, but for any time we are not playing during the ceremony, we'd greatly appreciate the ability to sit down.

Can I request music you don't already have?

Yes. We are able to accommodate almost any music request. If your event is a private event, we are able to play any music regardless of copyright restrictions. If your event is a public event, we are also able to play any music, so long as you obtain the appropriate music performance rights license. We will gladly help you with this process if necessary.

To perform music that is not currently in our repertoire, we charge a "New Music Fee", which is subject to the costs of purchasing or custom arranging the new music and any rehearsal costs. Please ask, and we'd be glad to give you a custom price quote.

If we don't live in Arizona, is it possible to meet with you to choose music via video conferencing?

Yes. We prefer to use Skype, but we are also able to accommodate FaceTime (though the quality is usually significantly lower.) Skype is free to download and free to use. Visit Skype's website to download the latest version.

Is it possible for you to perform with singers and/or other musicians?

Yes. Since this process will require the purchase or creation of music for us to accompany them and also a rehearsal(s), we have a new music/accompaniment fee. This fee depends on the costs of purchasing or arranging the music that we'll need. If you'd like for us to accompany other musicians, please ask, and we'd be glad to give you a custom price quote.

Are you able to perform anywhere outside of Phoenix?

Yes. We can travel. Please ask and we will provide you with a custom price quote.

Why do you charge a $100 non-refundable deposit?

As professional musicians, our time is very valuable. We spend thousands of hours every year practicing, rehearsing, and performing to maintain our high-quality performance ability. If a reserved event is ever canceled, we will have missed out on other booking opportunities that could have been scheduled during the time you reserved. Thus, for the same reasons that doctors have cancellation fees for their reserved time, we require a non-refundable deposit so that we are compensated for having reserved and held that time available for you.

What happens if the weather prevents you from playing?

Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, outdoor weddings commonly have far more challenges than indoor ones do. Since our instruments are intricately made by hand from wood and glue, they are extremely delicate and cannot be exposed to rain, dust, or extreme temperatures (either hot or cold). We are unfortunately unable to perform in any of these conditions. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, please provide us with your wedding planner's or event planner's contact information so that we can coordinate back up plans in case of extreme weather conditions. Back up plans can range from us setting up under cover nearby the ceremony to setting up inside the nearest enclosed building with a view of the ceremony where we can be miked by your DJ. If weather is extreme, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to play if our back up plans do not provide adequate safety for our instruments or us. If we are unable to play at all, we will refund all except your $100 non-refundable deposit if cancellation occurs that day prior to the wedding, or we will refund a portion of the payment based on how much music we have already played if cancellation occurs at the event. To date, we have never been unable to play for a wedding ceremony due to extreme weather, and we guarantee that we will do all we can to make sure we're able to play at yours as well. One thing we do recommend, however: If you are planning an outdoor wedding during the summer monsoon season in Arizona, we highly recommend finding an alternative location that is indoors because your event will face a very high chance of cancellation due to dust storms, lightning, extreme winds, or rain.

If we cancel, will we get a refund?

You may cancel our services for any reason. If you cancel more than 10 days in advance, we will refund all payment except the $100 non-refundable booking deposit. If you cancel between 1-10  days in advance, we will refund half of your payment. If you cancel on the day of the event, no refund will be available.

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Where'd you get your name?

Our name was actually originally dreamed up by Kyle's dad. He is notorious amongst friends and family for his many "dad jokes", so it wasn't a surprise that he came up with a pun as an idea for our name. However, for a "dad joke", we were really surprised that it was actually quite good! In regards to music, the word "suite" means "a set of instrumental pieces played in succession". We strive to make the tone of our sound "sweet", and so given that the pun actually made sense on multiple levels and sounded nice, we decided to keep it as our name. We love it, and we've had it since our inception in 2003.

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