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Phoenix classical wedding music violin duet Kyle Malkin
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Corrie Harrah



Corrie Harrah is a pianist and vocalist who has been performing since 1996. Corrie grew up in a household of musicians and was surrounded by music from a young age. She began learning piano as a child and taking voice lessons during her college years. As Corrie's skill developed, she studied piano with teachers including Dr. Kim Hayashi in Tucson, Arizona and Robert Hamilton at Arizona State University. Corrie graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Arizona State University in 2011.

Since graduating, Corrie has been actively teaching and performing in private and public settings. She taught music at Veritas Preparatory Academy and Lincoln Preparatory Academy for six years, where she conducted multiple choirs and ensembles. She has also worked as a piano accompanist at the collegiate level. Corrie first performed with Suite Strings in the 2008 Music from Greer chamber music festival in Greer, AZ and again in 2019. Currently, Corrie maintains a private voice and piano studio and sings in the choir at her local church.

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Additional Musicians

Violin | Piano 


To form the ensemble you'd like, we have a handful of local violinists & pianists with whom we work. We guarantee that you'll receive premier-quality musicianship for your event.

Kyle Malkin

Violinist | Manager | Owner


Kyle Malkin is an award-winning American Composer, Violinist, and Conductor. Kyle was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1988 and began studying violin and piano at the age of 9. He was inspired by the new creative opportunities he found in music and began writing his own music almost immediately. Kyle studied violin with teachers including Paul Brisbane and Dr. William Magers. He studied composition with Karl Schindler shortly before entering the University of Southern California (USC), where he studied with composers Richard Lesemann, Stephen Hartke, and Donald Crockett.


Kyle's music has been performed by groups including the USC Symphony ("Cassation"), the Phoenix Youth Symphony ("The Last Day"), the Hollywood Studio Symphony ("Dinner with Fred"), and the Paloma Winds Quintet ("Like Clockwork"). His "String Quartet No.1" won Best Composition at the 2001 AMEA Student Composition Competition. 


Kyle has written and conducted music for several dozen motion pictures including short films, commercials, and independent feature-length film productions. His music for "Dinner with Fred" won Best Original Score at the 2011 Van Wert Film Festival.


Kyle has performed with groups including the Phoenix Symphony and the Phoenix Youth Symphony. He co-founded Suite Strings Quartet in 2003, and has performed with the group for weddings, special events, and concerts, including being featured twice in the annual chamber music festival, Music from Greer, at which the group debuted several of his works. Kyle lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona as a freelance musician, filmmaker, and writer. He also serves on the music team at the church he attends.

Kyle considers the most important accomplishment of his life to be his decision to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, whom he lives to serve in all that he does.


Kyle Malkin

Jesse Mendoza



Jesse Mendoza grew up in a missionary family in Tijuana, Mexico. Jesse started learning violin when he was 4 years old and loved performing music with his family at churches and casual concerts. He has studied with musicians in the San Diego Symphony including Rebecca Campbell and Jing Yan. He later studied with Igor Tchetchko and Patricia Cosand, and he graduated with a music degree from International Baptist College and Seminary.


Early in his musical training, Jesse developed a love for teaching violin. He began teaching his own students at age 11, and he continues to this day offering both private and group lessons. Teaching and translating for music camps in Mexico was a favorite summer experience as a teen, and he now teaches violin and viola at various schools with The Orchestra Project North America and Arrowhead Christian Academy.


Jesse enjoys performing with Symphony of the Southwest, putting on concerts with his friends, and serving his local church through music.

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